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WHO: H.A. McEwen specialise in the production, installation and servicing of modern industrial boilers and the restoration of vintage boilers and engines.

Priding itself on embracing innovative technology whilst maintaining a focus on high-quality workmanship and customer relations, H.A. McEwen Boiler Repairs is a popular choice for the creation, maintenance, and restoration of boilers and engines. Established in 1968, the experienced company boasts clients ranging from breweries, hospitals and the MOD to railway and heritage organisations across the UK, providing a comprehensive service from the initial enquiry to the final steam test.

WHAT: Embracing marketing to gain an edge on their competitors, H.A. McEwen enlisted the full services of CWJ.  

H.A.McEwen initially approached CWJ to design the graphics and branding for its first website over 10 years ago, with our team then re-branding the company to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2018. Collaborating with H.A. McEwen from their base in North Yorkshire, CWJ devised a holistic marketing strategy to generate leads and conversions and worked closely with the company to develop its brand identity.

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HOW: With CWJ’s help, H.A.McEwen has quadrupled in size over the last 10 years and is busier now than ever.

Since enlisting our services, CWJ and McEwen’s have continued to work closely, resulting in a rapid period of growth for the company. This has included rebranding for its 50th anniversary, producing regular advertising content across social channels and creation of blog posts and PR content for publication.

  • Website design, audits and optimisation
  • Social media content, images and video
  • Advertising brochures
  • PR articles for publication
  • Blog posts
  • Google ad campaigns
  • Branding and vehicle signage
  • Social Media.

    Social Media.

  • website development.

    website development.

  • Advertising Media.

    Advertising Media.

  • Branding.


  • Press Releases.

    Press Releases.

  • Newsletters.


  • From the initial enquiry right through to the SEO analysis, design and content, I found them to be thoroughly professional and extremely knowledgeable on how best to set up our site and get the best results.

    From going live, it took us only a few weeks to be ranked right at the top of Google, and ever since, the enquiries and business it’s generated has been excellent.

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